About Us

AERA and It's Motto

  • AERA is Love
  • AERA is Simplicity
  • AERA is Courage
  • AERA is Elegance

We try to help you find your shine. Thus; our slogan is ✨ Embrace Your Shine ✨ 

AERA is written always with capitals and pronounced as /ˈer.ə/

Our Story

For 15 years, we worked hard as a Computer Engineer and Architect, a committed couple navigating the world of big companies. But deep down, we always had a strong desire to rely on ourselves, a pull towards taking risks in our own business, and a constant love for simplicity and beauty that hadn't yet found its time to shine. These feelings slowly built up until they finally came together to create the perfect opportunity for our next big adventure.

In 2023, surrounded by Berlin's amazing mix of art, culture, nature, and vibrant energy, we found the courage to take that leap of faith we'd been waiting for. With brave hearts and a clear vision called 'AERA,' we started a journey to blend all these different elements into something beautifully cohesive. Berlin, a city very dear to us, became the backdrop for this new chapter in our lives.

AERA isn't merely a brand; it's the culmination of our dreams and a manifestation of our shared aspirations.

Our purpose extends beyond monetary gains or selling products in abundance. It's about unifying our passion and courage, igniting the fire within us. At AERA, our compass is set by our unwavering dedication to simplicity and elegance, rather than the relentless pursuit of profit.

Our Goals Are Definitely

  • Not making a lot of money
  • Not selling many products
  • Unifying our passion and courage
  • Proving ourselves to ourselves 

The Future

As everybody, we do not know. Maybe simple stylish real stores, maybe just staying online, maybe nothing... Let's see together. 🤞🍀🌈

✨ Embrace Your Shine ✨